NOTE TO CLIENTS:  sagawa/jospin is no longer accepting clients.

Contact Deb Jospin at if she can be of assistance.

Shirley Sagawa is now part of and can be reached at

We appreciate our past clients for their support.


We help organizations find new ways to solve America's biggest problems.

In this time of rapid change, organizations must constantly innovate to achieve higher levels of impact.  Fortunately, today’s public problem-solvers have access to new technology and sources of human capital, as well as ways to access resources and measure their impact.  

We help nonprofits, foundations, and corporations increase their social impact.  Using our unique background in both government and nonprofit leadership, we work with select organizations to research issues, craft new strategies, and construct workable plans to address today’s challenges.  

Find out how we can help you do good, better.  Check out our work for nonprofits, foundations, and corporations.